Regulatory Insights & Consulting 

​Participate in regulatory proceedings and workshops, providing clients with analysis of results and next steps. (e.g.  
Water-Energy nexus).

​•     Policy Analyses: Participated in developing the California energy storage procurement framework proposal to require 1.325 GW of storage by 2020 (See  

•     Strategic Plans: Experience includes authoring  
California’s Water Action Plan  for investor-owned water utilities.

​ •      Economic & Financial Analyses: Determining net benefits and costs of energy projects (e.g. 
Solar Financing; participation in proposed California Legislation to create a California Green Bank (See  SB 1121).

Community Awareness and Development

 Mobilize public and private sector experts for collaborative synergies from joint projects. Engage stakeholders on climate change mitigation and related energy topics. (e.g.  
Energy StorageSmart GridSmart Cities and Resiliency).

•       Organize & Facilitate Meetings: Engaging stakeholders on climate change mitigation and related energy topics. (e.g.  
Cap and TradeRenewable EnergyCalifornia Drought).

•        Create & Lead Task Forces: Organizing public and private sector experts for collaborative synergies (e.g.  
MicrogridsZero Net Energy Buildings).

​ •        Workshops: Bringing together public and private sector leaders to identify challenges and opportunities for partnership towards a common goal (e.g.  
Urban Mobility).


​Consult with international  companies (e.g. renewable energy manufacturers) establishing a local presence in the United States. Experience includes starting-up and leading the western region office, and US Research and Development subsidiary, of Europe’s largest telecom company (Deutsche Telekom).

Technology Assessment and Implementation​  

·     Conduct technical and economic assessment of renewable energy platforms for implementation.

Business Development

Marketing and Sales Strategies: Over two decades combined experience in marketing and sales, both domestically and internationally.

  •        Identifying and engaging your potential clients and partners in cutting- edge business opportunities (e.g.
Energy Data Analytics). ​

  •        Introducing start-ups to potential investors and partners (e.g.


sustaenable SERVICES--Currently on Sabbatical and Not Being Offered until further notice


Climate change mitigation strategies

​Collaborative Goals to Sustain Our Future

Business Consulting


* Why "Sustaenable" and not "Sustainable"? Frankly, we feel the word "Sustainable" has been over-used and mis-used.  The letters "ae" have a rich history, dating back to Old English and Middle English usage,  as well as signifying the word "one; a single" in Scottish. For example, "there is but one earth" could be expressed as "ae earth".  We believe that this one earth is already in the depths of the climate change crisis...let's work together to avert even further damage.