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* Why "Sustaenable" and not "Sustainable"? Frankly, we feel the word "Sustainable" has been over-used and mis-used.  The letters "ae" have a rich history, dating back to Old English and Middle English usage,  as well as signifying the word "one; a single" in Scottish. For example, "there is but one earth" could be expressed as "ae earth".  We believe that this one earth is already in the depths of the climate change crisis...let's work together to avert even further damage.


Co-Founder, and Senior Director, Technology & Business Development

Danny focuses on identifying emerging renewable energy technologies and strategic public

and private sector strategies as they impact the environment to achieve climate change mitigation. With over 20 years experience in technology and sales, he oversees the marketing and sales relationship and solutions for local and international projects. He supports the various business development relationships to consult and oversee commodities, bio-fuel, PV, energy storage and Waste to Energy (WtE) technologies.  

Danny is passionate and driven to implement the best and most effective green technology solutions to meet our client's goals.   

​ Danny cut his teeth working with green technology partners in SE Asia to supply a monthly quota of over 5,000 Metric Tons of dry cassava to convert to ethanol. He has expanded consulting services and locations to Taiwan, Japan, China and Philippines. He has directed many Eco-friendly initiatives and projects: green building (commercial and residential housing), hydrocarbon encapsulation and remediation (marine and land oil spills), negative VOC air purifying architectural coating, industrial-strength and Earth-friendly cleaners.

His early background in technology includes telecommunications and networks. In the Navy, he specialized in avionics Special Projects systems, and earned his qualification as P3C-Orion Weapons Systems Technician. Danny conducted PUC compliance testing with regional and inter-exchange telephone companies and Bellcore (Telcordia) Technical Audits (TAU). He designed a Cisco powered multiple dwelling unit (MDU) solution with over 700 units, and chaired and managed channel partner and vendor training programs. He developed marketing and sales strategies for an online learning platform, call centers, business automation and provisioning systems, and interactive/digital media advertising.  

He is ITIL Foundation certified, recipient of Sprint's Quest Club and Ambassadors Club, Nortel Pride Club, and Outstanding Achievement in New Product Introduction from AT&T. Danny grew up in Monterey, CA and received his bachelor's degree in Information Systems Management from the University San Francisco, and attended St. Mary's College Executive MBA Program. 
Founding Principal

Ted’s focus and passion is developing private strategies, public policies, and communities for mitigating climate change via public-private partnerships.  The areas in which he has worked include: clean energy, sustainability, energy storage, smart cities, smart grid, renewable financing, micro grid, zero net energy buildings, energy efficiency, urban mobility, cap and trade, and water-energy nexus. 

As the Founding Principal of Sustaenable, he advises on private sector strategies, and public sector policies, to achieve climate change mitigation.  He draws upon over a dozen years of experience in clean energy solutions to develop pragmatic and proactive solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  He is actively engaged in various steering committees to accelerate the distributed clean energy economy.  
With Agrion ( as a Community Manager, he developed global communities through task forces, meetings, panel discussions, workshops, and online collaboration focused on resolving critical contemporary issues. He brought together thought leaders and action leaders with the objective of accelerating the commercialization of clean energy technologies.  

As an Analyst in Policy and Planning with the California Public Utilities Commission (, he created and led CPUC’s Thought Leaders Series featuring visionary experts proposing their views on the critical challenges related to CPUC policies on clean energy, smart grid, water, and climate change.  He also actively participated in the staff analysis of energy storage, and in several energy efficiency proceedings and smart grid. He wrote internal white papers on smart grid, emerging energy generation technologies, and the water-energy nexus. Ted led the effort to create a proactive Water Action Plan for California privately-owned water utilities, and implementing these policies, including the water-energy nexus.  

Ted’s prior career in international telecommunications and the Internet includes starting-up and leading the USA R&D subsidiary for Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecom company. Other executive positions included business development in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.  

​ Just as with the evolution of the telecommunications grid to a decentralized network, Ted is directly engaged in evolving the current energy industry centralized grid model into a much more efficient, robust, and reliable decentralized peer-to-peer low-carbon network.  

​ Ted’s formal education includes a M.S. in Energy Economics from Virginia Tech, a B.S. in Energy Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and professional certificates in both Sustainable Energy and Storage, and Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies from Stanford University, and Smart Grid Technology from UC Berkeley.  

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